The New Bonnie Raitt Album

I am delighted that Bonnie Raitt has finally announced the upcoming release of her first studio album in seven years, “Slipstream.” The project, releasing on her own newly-formed Redwing records label, began as an experiment in my basement studio last fall, after I had invited her down from her home in Northern California to wade into the water of what we might accomplish together. In a flurry of enthusiasm born of newfound friendship, we recorded ten songs in three days, and with a band that included Garfield House alumnus Jay Bellerose on drums, David Piltch on bass, Patrick Warren on piano and keyboards, Greg Leisz on all manner of stringed things, and Bill Frisell on guitar (with Van Dyke Parks shouting encouragement over the rim of his martini). The sessions were recorded and mixed by Ryan Freeland.

Four of these tracks have made the final grade –two by Bob Dylan, and two by yours truly– and, as well, the project features eight additional songs produced by the redhead herself…aided and abetted by her loyal and longtime touring ensemble.

I had been asked to keep this under my hat until now, and did for the most part. Now it can be told.