Japan With Lisa Hannigan

Nearly 3 years ago, i toured Japan for the first time. I accepted the invitation with uncertainty, believing that –since i had never been– i’d be starting from scratch where finding an audience is concerned.

I needn’t have worried: i was shocked to find an audience waiting…one that received me warmly, knew my body of work, and listened intensely to what the performances revealed.

The trip in total was a revelation and for many reasons; thus when i was invited to return, i not only eagerly accepted, but decided too that it might provide the perfect opportunity to introduce my dear friend, the singer/songwriter Lisa Hannigan of Ireland, to this audience –and them to her. As Lisa and I have just recently toured in North America together –and given that there is no musician working today that i hold in higher esteem– it seems almost an alignment of stars that we can share in this experience together.

And thus we shall. As with our previous outing, it will be our intention to be onstage together for the duration of the evenings…contributing to each other’s songs as we can, and with the help of our brothers-in-arms, drummer Ross Turner and guitarist/singer/songwriter John Smith.

Suffice for now to say that we all look forward to whatever we may uniquely discover on this journey. All we can know for sure is that it won’t be what we imagine, but will likely be much more.

Joe Henry



Oct 8 – Yokahoma @ Thump’s Up

Oct 9 – Nagoya @ Club Quattro

Oct 10 – Hiroshima @ Club Quattro

Oct 12 – Osaka @ Club Quattro

Oct 14 – Kyoto @ 京都 磔磔

Oct 16 – Tokyo @ Duo Music Exchange