Big Ears Festival With Marc Ribot

to any and all within the sound of my virtual voice! (and any who, perhaps, have a brother-in-law with a late-model buick who might ferry you to knoxville, TN next spring, in the manner in which you’ve become accustom and reliant…)

let this stand as a formal announcement that i shall be appearing at the acclaimed Big Ears Festival on the night of april 1st, 2016, and in the good company of my friend and oft-times collaborator Marc Ribot.

marc is a mountain, you are to understand: is inarguably one of the great living guitarists upon our landscape –nay, one of its greatest practitioners *historically* (i said don’t argue), regardless of blood function. we have been playing music together since 2000, when marc first joined me in the studio for the ‘Scar’ sessions; and since that time i have engaged his person and artistry at every possible juncture. i’ll be playing songs old and new from throughout my checkered history (read that: whatever i feel like), and marc shall orchestrate the proceedings like weather rising on an outdoor wedding –separating men from boys, and sending bridesmaids running for shelter.

please join us. tickets are now on sale. and note: whoever catches the bouquet will receive two request vouchers which shall be honored or not by the whim of the evening and level of the bourbon.


Visit the Big Ears site for more info.


UPDATE (12/3/15): Joe & Marc’s Big Ears performance will now take place on Saturday, April 2nd at 3:30pm.

UPDATE 2.0 (3/9/16): Joe & Marc’s set has been moved back to Friday night, April 1st. 10:30pm at the Bijou Theatre.